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Kaiser soda powder, 5x50g, 250 g

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Kaiser Natron Pulver, 5x50g



Holste Kaiser Natron Pulver ist seit 100 Jahren als Hausmittel bewaehrt. Das vielseitig anwendbare Pulver ist fuer Kueche, Haus und Reise geeignet. Vegan.


Produkteigenschaften Glutenfrei, Laktosefrei, Ohne Aromastoffe, Ohne Farbstoffe, Ohne Konservierungsstoffe

Zusatzstoffe Enthaelt Natriumcarbonate

Aufbewahrungshinweise Kuehl und trocken lagern.

Verwendungshinweise Kuehl und trocken lagern.

Anschrift des Unternehmens Arnold Holste Wwe. GmbH Co. KGSudbrackstrasse 1-733611 Bielefeld

Zutaten Genaue Produktbezeichnung: NatriumhydrogencarbonatZutaten: Natriumhydrogencarbonat

Zubereitung Zubereitung: entfaellt, da Produkt verzehrfertig ist.

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JL Trading

Voltastrasse, Langen



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Kaiser soda powder, 5x50g, 250 g


Product description

Holste Kaiser Natron Powder has been used as a home remedy for 100 years. The versatile powder is suitable for the kitchen, home and travel. Vegan.

Product features

Product features gluten-free, lactose-free, no flavorings, no colorings, no preservatives

Additives Contains sodium carbonate

Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry place.

Instructions for use Store in a cool, dry place.

Address of the company Arnold Holste Wwe. GmbH Co. KG Sudbrackstrasse 1-733611 Bielefeld

Ingredients Exact product name: Sodium hydrogen carbonate Ingredients: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Preparation Preparation: not applicable, as the product is ready-to-eat.

Shippido Seller Info:

JL Trading

Voltastrasse, Langen



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카이저 소다 분말 5x50g, 250g


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홀스테 카이저 나트론 파우더는 100년 동안 가정용 치료제로 사용되어 왔다. 다용도 파우더는 주방, 집, 여행에 적합하다. 채식주의자.

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